Parikh Manilal Baldevdas Gujarati Science College (PMBGSC) is a renowned educational institution of Science in Indore. It has completed its journey of six decades in the field of Science education.

The college runs 08 UG courses and 06 PG courses. It has 03 research centers. The main aim of the college is to provide quality education at minimum fees. The college has well- trained and qualified teachers who make efforts to impart quality education to the students.

Anti-ragging policy is strictly implemented on the campus and we are a zero tolerance institution as far as ragging is concerned. Sexual abuse is not tolerated and for such matters we have laid down a code of conduct by which we adhere.

We believe in holistic education. Hence we have setup active sports, NCC & NSS units.

Attentiion!!! All Teaching Staff Members All teaching staff members have to follow and take care about there responsibilities for theroy and practicals time-table

Attentiion!!! All StudentsStudents should submit their CCE(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) at respective departments, on or before 20th September, 2017.

Attentiion!!! All Department Heads Please visit your relevant department link page which is available on website top menu department tab, and have to check all profile contents/information on that page is correct? In case of grammatical or spelling mistake or any ammendment please immediately contact/report to Website Convener(Department of Computer Science & Information Technology)